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Professional Excavation in Essex County

At Excel Excavating Inc, we specialize in excavating foundations along with providing expert demolition services that adhere to safety regulations. Our on-site services such as lot clearing, utility trenching, backfilling and septic tank installation are top-notch and bound to impress. The comprehensive approach we use ensures focus at every step of our relationship with you. We want to help you by executing your vision, and this is how we have built ourselves a legacy of greatness. If you are in need of our excavation or demolition services, we're happy to listen.

Whether you want to clear a new lot for housing, dig up your construction site for foundations, or upgrade and renovate your property, Excel Excavating Inc team has strategies that can help you out. We serve Leamington and the surrounding areas, including Kingsville, Essex, Wheatley & Cottam.


We have advanced and well-maintained equipment like excavators, skid-steers, trenchers and graders that help us in executing to your specifications.

  • ​Trenching

  • ​Backfilling

  • ​Weeping tile installation

  • ​Septic tank installation

  • ​Grading

  • ​Levelling

  • ​Foundation excavation

We offer the following services:
  • ​Demolition

  • ​Trucking

  • ​Greenhouse plumbing

  • ​Concrete preparation

  • ​Site preparation/clearing

  • Shoreline protection

For more information on our services, reach out to us today.

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